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MODERN <i>LOG</i> <i>SPLITTER</i> - Farm Collector

ELECTRIC LOG WOOD SPLITTER, 5-TON HYDRAULIC, Works perfectly! Steele 5-Ton Hydraulic Electric Log Splitter. Model SP-LS05, owner's manual and one. Clayton Brukner patented the Lickity Log Splitter, with its stationary wedge and. "I just didn't want to fool around making one out of parts.". Does anyone know where i can find a used lickity splitter for sale. Its apparently complete so I will have even more spare parts to play with!

Patent US4770218 - Block stripper and stroke stop for wood

Lickety log splitter manual:
Lickety split log spliter works like a traditional hydraulic wood splitter except it mounts on the 3. When mounted to the front loader lickety splitter can be moved to the log and picks the log up. Also would you happen to have a manual for it? This Video goes out to Jeff, an on line Friend, rwho made a request of a close up of the lickity Log Splitter. Hope this helps shed some lht on. Vintage 1959 LICKITY SPLIT LOG SPLITTER 18 Ton Ram Pressure Has been repowerd with a 5 HP Brgs & Stratton Engine.

MODERN <i>LOG</i> <i>SPLITTER</i> - Farm Collector

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However the era of the modern hydraulic log splitter had its beginning when, in 1959, I personally desned and patented the Lickity Log Splitter during the. Buy a lickety split log splitter or leave a review. This page is about the lickety splitter manual wood splitter. Here is the page for the hydraulic lickety Split log.

  • MODERN LOG SPLITTER - Farm Collector
  • Patent US4770218 - Block stripper and stroke stop for wood
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    Fax/voice line 408395-2227. Lickity Splitter Products/ Parts list Husqvarna BCS Products. Home page. Lickity Splitter Products About Us A stripping surface on the stop means adjacent to the splitter blade when in the. A manually operable valve 31 is provided in the hydraulic system as an operating. 1, "Lickity Log Splitter", Brochure, Piqua Engineering.
    Lickety log splitter manual:

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