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Abdominal examination. • Pelvic examination - Dital and speculum. Auscultation Listen for bowel sounds or for foetal heart rate in pregnancy. 30cm from the slide, to prevent drying and. South African Family Practice Manual, Mash. Introduction; external exam; speculum exam; bimanual exam; resources and references. gently, with pressure aimed downwards to avoid causing pain or damage to the urethra. as you withdraw, being careful not to pinch the vaginal walls as the speculum closes. Merck Manual - approach to the gynecologic patient. GP gravida, para Gravida is how many pregnancies; Para is the number of. of term pregnancies – twins count as 1 pregnancy. Avoid speculum exam. Retained products of conception find on manual exploration of uterus; Placenta.

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Manual speculum pregnancy exam avoid:
Rupture of membranes should be avoided if on vaginal examination the cord is felt. Speculum and/or dital vaginal examination should be performed when cord. There are insufficient data to evaluate manual replacement of the prolapsed. Try to avoid sexual intercourse, douching, and feminine hygiene products 24 hours prior to your exam. 4. The pelvic exam includes the vaginal exam using a speculum and the dital or bi-manual exam. DITAL OR BI-MANUAL EXAM. A manual vaginal examination should be performed to confirm the hymen is patent. If there is evidence of pneumovagina or vaginitis, commonly present in slim.

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External genitalia; Speculum, Pap smear; Internal genitalia. Do speculum, pap smear before manual examination to avoid contamination; Lubricate, warm bivalve. Use other end of spatula on vaginal wall for homonal assessment. Documentation of a negative pregnancy test is prudent. Insertion may be. Contact with the vagina or speculum blades should be avoided.

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    A manual examination does not usually render a woman niddah, as it takes place entirely within the vaginal canal and generally does not cause bleeding. Pelvic examination with an obese patient. Describe at least two ques. directions. Spatula and. Avoid using a cotton swab on a wooden stick, because these. Speculum exam vaginal walls may have more relaxation.
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